Gain instant access to critical security expertise and technology to rapidly respond to and remediate a security incident and develop an incident response plan

Prepares your organization and Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to respond quickly and effectively to a security incident when needed

  • Retainer-based Incident Response resources to ensure the availability of security experts to work with your internal teams and respond to security incidents
  • Proactive development of an Incident Response Plan that clearly details roles and responsibilities, procedures, communication plans and other key elements for addressing the most sophisticated of security threats

Reduces the cost of a security breach to your organization by promptly responding to a security incident and limiting the damage and recovery efforts

  • A comprehensive suite of enterprise investigation tools and technologies used to quickly search your network for evidence of attacker activity
  • An expert team of security engineers with extensive experience investigating breaches of all sizes and across many industries

Develop remediation plans that eliminate the security threats from your environment and identify security controls that reduce the likelihood of a re-compromise

  • Evidence collected through forensically sound procedures and handled in a manner consistent with law enforcement standards
  • Detailed investigative reports that analyze the security incident and address the needs of multiple audiences both internal and external to your organization

How Incident Response Works

Our expert team of security engineers will proactively work with your team to prepare a comprehensive Incident Response Plan or validate an existing plan so that your company is ready to promptly respond to cyber threats and minimize the impact of a security breach. Upon subscribing to our retainer service, we can quickly deploy critical security resources to work with your Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to execute your Incident Response Plan and rapidly respond to a cyber threat or breach. Using forensically sound procedures we will determine the risks and identify a strategy for containing and stopping the attack. Once the immediate threat is mitigated we will leverage a suite of investigative tools and technologies to track down all traces of the threats and then work with your team to eradicate them and restore the impacted systems. After the remediation effort is completed a detailed investigative report will be delivered which analyzes the security incident and identifies any additional security controls required to reduce the likelihood of a re-compromise and to enhance the safety of your critical systems and data.