Aggregate and quickly analyze your essential security logs

Allows you to quickly and easily review logs to find vulnerabilities and troubleshoot your network

  • Log collection and storage with powerful parsing, classifying, and categorizing capabilities to allow you to easily identify vulnerabilities in your environment and capable of scaling as you grow
  • Real-time search and analysis capabilities streamlining your ability to troubleshoot and perform post-mortem analysis and forensic investigations

Empowers you with a holistic view of security events across your entire network, helps to quickly identify key areas that need urgent attention, and facilitates troubleshooting and resolution

  • Monitoring and Alerting to identify traffic that requires further investigation with your team
  • Security Operation Center monitoring your security environment, triaging and escalating alerts, and providing guidance where needed 24/7/365

With enhanced visibility and access to relevant log information you can expedite troubleshooting, remediation, compliance, and audit requirements

  • Maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Detailed reporting of all security related logs for any device and endpoint on your network.