Gain instant access to critical security expertise and technology for ongoing assistance with improving your security posture and compliance

  • Assess the current security state of your business and solutions and identify and prioritize any gaps that need to be remediated to reduce risk
  • Map your businesses security controls to the regulatory and compliance frameworks relevant to your industry to validate compliance and identify any risks that need to be addressed
  • Focus on the interactions between users, apps and data to ensure security controls, process and policies are effective and resilient to common attack scenarios
  • Evaluate your Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plans and provide feedback aimed at helping you minimize business interruptions and manage through unforeseen disasters
  • Develop a roadmap for evolving and maturing your security posture that can be reviewed with senior leadership to share progress and position justifications for additional resources

Review the security tools and technologies deployed in your organization and receive feedback on their effectiveness and guidance on additional solutions that can strengthen your defense against emerging cyber security threats

  • Extensive vendor agnostic security knowledge with a deep understanding of the latest best practices used to help you navigate the array of security solutions and technologies in the marketplace so you can select the tools that provide the most benefit to your organization and reduce your business risk
  • An expert team of security engineers with extensive experience defending against cyber security threats of all types and across many industries
  • Robust networking knowledge versed in secure network architecture and topology design for small & large scale business networks spanning physical, virtual and cloud service environments

How Professional Services Works

Our team of certified security engineers are ready to partner with you to identify, plan and implement projects that improve and mature your security posture, strengthen your compliance, and reduce the risk that cyber security threats can have on your business. We compliment your existing security expertise by collaborating closely with your team to flush out any security gaps that exist within your processes, infrastructure and technology stack so that we can help you achieve your pressing security and business objectives.